Crissy Moon Face Fucked Crissy Moon Gets Throat Fucked

Crissy Moon Gets Face Fucked

Crissy Moon is half Asian and half something else. I don't remember, but it's one of those things on the census report that's not even worth checking the box. She was a feisty little whore too. She didn't like being degraded. You could see it in her face, but it was purely a defense mechanism hiding what's really going on inside of her stupid head.

There was only so much cock she could take in her throat before you could see it start to wear on her. Then her tender little pussy got tapped as Bushwick and Big Red's two Mick cocks pumped that tight pussy like a keg of Guinness.

Then we all dumped loads on her face, and it was then she broke. You could see it in her eyes as she held them tightly closed but peaking to see her surroundings. Her psyche was shattered, and her stupid face was covered in pearl white pimp paste.

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Crissy Moon Gets Her Pussy Fucked